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The Who: 5 things you probably didn’t know!

The Who: 5 Things you probably didn't know!

After five decades in the music business, there are rumours circulating of The Who announcing their next Greatest Hits world tour, as they celebrate 50 years of their legendary rock n roll music. Pete Townshend once said:

“We tried not to age, but time has it’s rage,”

And sure enough Daltrey and Townshend have to concede that the gruelling physical demands and ear splittingly loud decibels of live touring have taken their toll on these icons. Well Roger did just turn a sprightly 70 in March!
The Creative Quirk, creators of high quality The Who themed fashion garments, doff their cap to five decades at the top for one of the greatest rock and roll bands that ever lived. Here’s our Top 5 things you probably didn't know about the musicians that invented the rock opera, smashing up guitars and turned blitzing hotel room bathrooms into legend.

1) Pin Ball Pin Up

Roger Daltrey put those bouncing golden curls, big blue eyes and pin up looks to good use by forging a successful acting career along side music. He appeared as identical twins Dromio in the BBC Shakespeare version of “A Comedy of Errors; spoofed himself in a cameo appearance in The Mighty Boosh (hoovering up a desert as karmic penance for The Who leaving Woodstock early and not helping to clean up!) and more recently featured in a 2006 episode of CSI as Vegas Mobster Mickey Dunn entitled “Living Legend. ” The Who provide the theme tunes for all three of the CSI series.

2) Pete Townshend and Vanilla Fudge

Working class wordsmith Pete “I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth” Townshend used to worry that The Who were no longer the most ear splitting group in the universe and that their decibel cracking range had been beaten by a group called, of all things, “Vanilla Fudge.” Oh the ignominy. In his own autobiography he says:

"They had found a way of amplifying a Hammond organ up to rock guitar decibels... we were actually upset by this.”

3) Moon, Music and Mayhem

Famed for revelling in bathroom mayhap and toilet misery and banned by the entire Holiday Inn chain who were tired of the band’s penchant for smashing up bathrooms, one Hotel Manager rued the day he complained about the noise coming from bombastic drummer Keith Moon’s cassette player. Moon forced the manager to come up to the hotel room and shut the door, he then excused himself and went to the bathroom, put a lit stick of dynamite down the toilet and blew it up.
Moon then calmly turned his music back on and said to the Hotel Manager:
"That, dear boy, was noise. This is The 'Oo".

4) John “Thunderfingers” Entwistle

Doing for the bass what Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar, John Entwistle was the only classically trained musician in the band. He contributed performances to tracks playing on instruments such as the French horn, trumpet, bugle and Jaw Harp and you can hear his brass skills on seminal Quadrophenia track 5:15.
Once described by Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones as “the quietest man in private and the loudest man on stage,” this former tax clerk also loved filling his home with weird and wonderful artefacts including a period suit of armour and a full sized tarantula.

5) From Johnny Rotten to Leslie Ash

Did you know that Johnny Rotten was first choice for Phil Daniel’s part in Quadrophenia, the iconic Who film starring the aforementioned Daniels, Sting, and a young Leslie Ash?
Eagle eyed viewers of this film will also spot some anachronistic errors. Set in 1964, The Who single “My Generation” is played by Jimmy to a receptive crowd even though the single didn’t come out until 1965; and showing at the local cinema in Brighton? Grease, a 1978 hit movie.
Whether you’re a Wholigan looking to celebrate the end of an era or a fashion conscious hipster who just likes the timeless classic of The Who iconography and imagery - Creative Quirk has a whole host of unusual fashion items to help keep you chilling out in style and cosy against the cold spell this season.

Quadrophenia fan?

Then the Quadrophenia Bathrobe is made for you. Styled after the iconic fishtail parka as seen in the legendary film, with the super soft fur around the hood, embroidered Who logos on the back, chest and sleeve as well as a set of 4 classic Who badges. You will not find a luxury towelling bathrobe closer to the original parka itself with this one!

What's your favourite?

My generation, Pinball Wizard, You Better You Bet, whatever your favorite song from The Who’s classic box set; Thirty Years of Maximum R&B, you better take a look at this exclusively designed Onesie. The Creative Quirk teamed up with The Who to release this Onesie, show casing the art work from the Maximum R&B box set. It’s black. It’s classic. It’s what every true Who fan needs to chill and get lost in the depth of their favourite Who hits!

You can discover more quality collectibles and The Who themed fashion items including onesies, luxury his and hers dressing gowns and The Who sleeping bag perfect for the festival season here

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